Thermostatic Elements

Depending on their size – pipe diameters can vary from 1.9cm (3/4”) to 15cm (6”) – our valves contain between one and eight thermostatic elements.

Where more than one element is provided, a single failure – an incredibly unlikely event – will only result in a small change in operating temperature. Some of those elements are as follow:


The Amot Controls 1096X Thermostat is the standard thermostat for the AMOT Model B range of temperature controllers.


The 2433X Thermostat from Amot Controls is required for AMOT Model B-Series temperature controllers with manual override. This temperature controller is used in marine, industrial, oil and gas production, power generation and many others.

Some elements like the 2001A, the 2012A or the 2040A are easy to replace. To maximise reliability, we recommend that O-ring seals and housing gaskets are replaced at the same time.

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